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Apprenticeship Overview

All our apprenticeships are based around learners understanding the three core elements that are at the heart of all programmes:

Knowledge – understanding the theory behind the skills you are being taught

Skills – having the ability to apply the taught training techniques within the workplace

Behaviours – understanding what is expected of you within the workplace

The other three key areas you need to take into consideration are:

Off The Job (OTJ) hours – 20% off the job – a key element of all apprenticeship programmes – PIP Training would be happy to talk you through this as it is easily achievable if you apply certain rules to your programmes.

Additional skills/training that need to be taught so that candidates can get through their End Point Assessment (EPA) – there may be situations that additional training is required, outside of a job role, so that they can meet the criteria of the EPA. This would be explained in full and identified within drawn up training plans

Functional Skills – all apprenticeships will have functional skills in Engish and Maths attached to them. If learners do not have existing L2’s in English and Maths, they will be expected to participate in functional skills training sessions to work towards that L2 qualification.

Qualifications Available:

Lean Manufacturing Operative L2
Improvement Technician L3
Improvement Practitioner L4
Improvement Specialist L5

All the above programmes are designed to give your employees the skills that your business needs to drive continuous improvement and improve productivity within their organisation. Each of the above is pitched at different levels within the business but essentially the programmes cover the essential skills, knowledge, capabilities and behaviours that enable participants to become effective leaders and members of teams that are tasked to drive efficiencies at their level.

All types of organisations, and all sizes, can use the principles of continuous improvements to identify and eliminate waste in the system, which ultimately reduces costs and enhance the bottom line.

The programme is a hands-on approach to learning and applying the principles and methodology of Continuous Improvement and Lean to achieve sustainable improvements to working practices. Participants must lead/participate in at least 3 projects over an agreed period of time and demonstrate that they have applied a measurable improvement and Return On Investment (ROI) for the business on each one of those projects.

Case Studies

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver L2
Express Delivery Operative L2
Supply Chain Warehouse Operative L2

The programmes are designed to help you upskill your staff in the key roles within your Logistics operations.

The LGV qualification allows candidates to gain their C Licence (Rigid) and start the progression through the licences. This qualification is used by our partners to fill driver shortages and imbed clear career pathways within their business.

The Express Delivery qualification is being used to cement good practice within a growing industry/sector. Online shopping has led to massive growth in this area and the qualification will bring standardisation, increased customer service and satisfaction and efficiencies within the sector.

Our partners are using the Supply Chain warehouse Operative programme as an entry point into the work of logistics and supply chain. Supporting new entrants, it will reinforce learners understanding of safe working methods, Manual handling equipment and the use of standing operating procedures.

English Level 1 and Level 2
Maths Level 1 and Level 2

PiP Training have a team of functional skills trainers that support our existing apprentices to meet their English and maths requiremnst for the programme, however we also support a number of other providers with their functional skills delivery.

If you are a provider or employer looking for functional skills support please get in contact and we would be happy to discuss how we could support you.

Waste Resource Operative L2

The Waste Resource Operative programme is being picked up by our partners in the waste and recycling industry. They are looking to support the industry with new entrants into the sector and the programme allows candidates to get a better understanding of working practice, instal standard operating procedures and safe working mechanisms, whilst being the viewed as a clear entry point into a growing industry that has clear career pathways available.

Learner Welfare and Services

Same policies as currently on the website

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