Case Study One - Problem Solving culture

The challenge

MMUK are committed to implementing and operating a continuous improvement (CI) culture within their operation. The business wanted to embed a stronger problem-solving culture throughout the business empowering their staff to identify projects and apply CI techniques to solve them.

The programme and project process

In partnership with Proactive in Partnership Training (PiP), MMUK’s senior management team agreed to select 8 candidates and put them through the Improving Operational Performance/Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeship programme.

The group went through the tailored 2 days training giving them the basic tools of CI through classroom and practical application techniques. The 8 candidates were then split into two groups so that the business could get the maximum number of projects from the programme.

Over the course of the next 14 months, each group applied 3 projects across the business. The 6 projects were can opportunity to apply the techniques and drive a business improvement in the chosen areas, some focusing on waste, some on productivity and some on H&S.


Projects included:

Redesigning the packing line including new operator workstations and job content resulting in increased production rate with reduced resources, resulting in a six-figure saving per annum.

Recycling supplier trays reducing the need to supply new stock and a new process that utilised packing space yield, resulting in a five-figure saving per annum on material and time saved.

Introducing a new method of working to fully utilise the existing footprint and stop part filled pallets being shipped. New locations and standard operating procedures introduced so that there was an improvement of 19 boxes per pallet, increasing the boxes per pallet to 231 (9% increase).

The business has also seen a change in its ability to apply and communicate change – part of the programme was built around developing candidates’ English and maths skills as well as their presentation skills. The candidate’s ability to communicate their ideas and have the confidence to discuss them with senior management has been a massive success.