Case Study Three - Implementing a CI culture

The challenge

The  site were keen to start to look at implementing and operating a continuous improvement (CI) culture within their operation. The business wanted to embed a stronger problem-solving culture throughout the business empowering their staff to identify projects and apply CI techniques to solve them.  

The programme and project process

In partnership with Proactive in Partnership Training (PiP), the site’s senior management team agreed to select 21 candidates and put them through the Improving Operational Performance/Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeship programme.

The group went through the tailored 2 days training giving them the basic tools of CI through classroom and practical application techniques. The 21 candidates were then split into four groups so that the business could get the maximum number of projects from the programme.

Over the course of the next 14 months, each group applied 3 projects within the business, so that the team could apply the techniques and drive a business improvement in those areas of the operations, some focusing on waste, some on productivity and some on H&S.


Projects included:

Payroll Procedures – The logging and processing time with Administration and direct staffing for payroll hours were excessive in time and queries. The team developed new Standard operating procedures so that the new weekly process was as efficient as possible. Savings were calculated at £29,000.

Inbound Pallet Audit process – the site had a manual process of auditing stock on pallets which had poor accuracy and took excessive time. The project developed a remote display procedure which increased accuracy and decreased the time taken to undertake audits. Potential savings identified at £42,000

Stock Discrepancy process – the existing process was wasteful and had to many steps investigating inventory discrepancies. The team dissected the process and reduced it from 19 steps down to 9 – double handling of products was eliminated reducing the time to undertake the task from 47 minutes to 8 minutes saving 9 hours a week. 

The programme has also allowed members of staff to begin to progress up the career ladder with one team members full tie role now being CI orientated.  

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