Case Study Two - Machine Wrapping

The challenge

The site undertook a policy of each individual picker being responsible for hand wrapping their own pallet once the pick was complete. The site suspected that this was:

• Expensive both in material and labour
• Loads were not always secure
• Causing issue with staffs posture with bad backs, sprains and strains.
• End customer experience was not always great with this process

The programme and project process

1. The team applied the CI techniques taught to them by PiP training as part of the CI process of Plan, Do, Check, Act Initially the team undertook an audit of the wrapping area. They analysed the:
• the location of the wrapping process
• the equipment used to undertake the wrapping process
• Time taken to hand wrap the pallets
• Amount of wrap used to wrap the pallets

2. The team then compared figures against an existing wrap machine that was on site but wasn’t in the optimum location against the hand wrapping process

3. The team presented the two sets of figures to management and proposed:
• The wrap machine was relocated to the identified optimum location
• A new set of Standard Operating Procedures be drawn up
• Training to be set up for all operatives on the wrap machine
• New wrap location to be tided and clear bays drawn and visible for all operatives


Using the wrapping machine and new wrapping location:
• Reduced cost of wrapping each pallet by 23p – 600 pallets per day = £150 a week £750 a week x 52 weeks = £39,000 saving per annum
• This project could be rolled out to the 7 other operations on the site
• Reduced manual handling activities which will reduce manual handling injuries (short- and long-term effects)
• Increased efficiency – KPI’s have increased by 11.2% leading to an extra 1980 picks per day.
• Increased efficiency (consistency) on wrapping loads along with more stable loads
• Reduced number of returned products due to stock movement and damage.

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